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The sea. Before you set out exploring the Salento coast along, try to walk on the beach early in the morning in search of tranquility, peace and relaxation. Then, made breakfast, go on a beach of Marina di Salve (Torre Pali Lido Marini, Pescoluse or Old Place), spend entire days at the beach until sunset.

On the Ionian coast, can not miss a visit to Gallipoli, the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, whose main feature is the Baroque churches in the ancient city which is accessed via a jetty. A stop in Porto Cesario, with white sand and an archipelago of islets green reflections in a crystal clear sea and Porto Selvaggio, seaside resort of the most charming and unspoilt Puglia, part of the Regional Park of Port Selvaggio. Charming the town of San Gregorio which, with its mostly rocky coastline, home to the ancient port of the center messapico Vereto. Do not miss Santa Maria di Leuca with a visit to the sanctuary from which to admire breathtaking views and glimpse Punta Meliso, true heel of the boot where you have the meeting between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. For those who love the marine world we recommend diving excursion and a boat trip to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca.

On the Adriatic coast, the first stop for a dip to "Ciolo" Gagliano del Capo. Going stop for a swim even in the "Guardiola", in "Marina Novaglie" to "Marina Serra" and Marina di Andrano, with the "hidden" because not easy to find, the beautiful Green Cave, visited only by foot during low tide. Check out the beautiful sea caves of Castro, Romanelli, Abyss and Zinzulusa and spa Santa Cesaria Terme. Worth a stop Porto Badisco with its freshwater springs that flow into the sea. Otranto, the most east of Italy, is a mandatory stop, with Capo d'Otranto and a coastline that alternates sandy to rocky. Its old town is famous for the presence of the Aragonese Castle and the Cathedral of the martyrs of Otranto of the fifteenth century. Stroll in the narrow streets at night is something really fascinating. A few kilometers away, in the village of Orte to see is the bauxite quarry. For those who want to push past can get to Bear Tower, seaside resort with a cove bordered by two rocky ridges and a bay made of fine sand silver, while for the true lovers of nature, is to make a trip out of town the oasis of the WWF "The Gesine".


castello Risolo Specchia

The hinterland. Salento is not only the sea! Farms, rural architecture, coastal lookout towers, castles, frescoed crypts, small villages, Byzantine and Baroque churches are all places to which to devote at least one visit. Do not miss the historic center of Specchia, one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy" and dedicated at least a full day to visit the extraordinary city of Lecce. Walking in the streets doing the tour of churches, admire the beauty of the Cathedral and historic buildings where relives the architecture and art of master stonemasons industriousness that shaped stone, creating unique architecture. Also worth seeing are the small towns of Greek Salento, countries of artistic and cultural value where they still speak an ancient language, griko. If you have time, stop and talk to the old men of the country, always ready to tell you the stories of their youth and confide the secrets of the place. 


pesce Food and Wine. To start the day, can not miss a breakfast throughout the Salento! A good coffee (Fourth), perhaps in its variant in ice with almond milk, accompanied by a pasticciotto, the typical sweet of Salento, made of pastry and custard. Do not miss the rustic, made of puff pastry, tomato sauce and that is found in every rotisserie. Pittule, from simple recipe, made of water, flour and yeast always manage to impress for their goodness. The frisa, the dish par excellence "poorer" and typical of this land, made with olive oil, tomato, salt and basil. Eat the linguine with sea urchins in a restaurant facing the sea, alternatively, the specialties of land in a typical inland centers. The whole tasting wine Salento. Do not miss the Festivals of the country!



DSC 0602 Movida. Buy a magazine "Here Salento" here and try one of the many festivals, concerts and events that take place in the Salento during the summer. From the festivities, with the classic fairy lights, the evenings where you can dance enchanted by the overwhelming pace of pinches. You must lash out until dawn in the dancehall on the beach, enjoy at least one stage of the Notte della Taranta or the final concert in Melpignano. Listen to a live concert in an outdoor venue. Funny you participate in group dancing in the water or in the streets or go late to watch the sunrise at Otranto where, if lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the distant mountains of Albania.